May 13, 2010

jual mp3 pulak

2GB LCD Mp3 Player Mini Metal Clip

  • 2GB new brand mp3 player,not ipod products.
  •  LCD Screen
  • Weight:18g
  • Build-in 2GB flash memory chip by Samsung, the most reliable. (The player is not Samsung brand) Connect to computer's USB port for file / music transfer
  • Great for transferring files to this device and use it as a portable USB drive 2GB !.
  • High quality USB data storage, supporting USB 1.1 and 2.0 full speed 
    Plays MP3 music files (Holds about 500 songs)
  • Supports file folders for easy organizing music files.


SONY MDR-EX300SL Earbud Headphone Earphone For MP3

TOTAL PRICE=RM100 including delivery!!

stok colour mp3 terhad..sila cepat booking!!