March 29, 2010


Siapa kenal Maleena?

aku mau kongsi lagu dia yang best ni..
nak dengar lagu dia, boleh..
dipersilakan klik saja di myspace beliau.. di sini, sudah kusediakan link-nya.


Take take me away
To a deeper deeper place
Where I can see your face everyday.

Lets go out to the town
Should I wear a dinner gown
Or should I just be a clown

I see a million stars in the sky on July
Flying high oh oh

I thought I'll never make it through
Untill I finally met someone like you
No one knows how much I like you
Now all I wan't is you to be my boo

Last night we dance together what a perfect weather
Oh oh everything is getting better.

amacam? komen la...
btw, maleena, i promote u pulak pas ni erk? huhu