March 30, 2010

Bayern Munich vs Man United Preview

Bayern Munich coach Louis van Gaal believes something needs to be done to create a more level playing field in European football.
Van Gaal is preparing for Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final first leg against Manchester United.
The Dutchman has explained his vision of a United States-style system of cash distribution which would reduce the growing gulf between England's tycoon-led clubs and Germany's more strictly-controlled, self-regulatory societies.
Bundesliga clubs remain restricted when it comes to excessive foreign investment due to a German regulation which dictates that at least 51% of club shares must be owned by its own members.
The Premier League, on the other hand, has seen a flurry of foreign investment - including the arrival of Malcolm Glazer at United, which is threatening to turn European football into a two-class society led by English clubs.
Germany's insistence on financial transparency and strict regulations makes it hard for Bundesliga clubs to compete and Van Gaal would favour across-the-board uniformity, although he refuses to use that as an excuse for a potential failure of his side against United.
"I think I said this 10 years ago - we need to go into a system like in the USA with American football and basketball which has got to be regulated a bit better and stricter," he said.
"That way it could be a bit more balanced between clubs in Europe and it would mean everybody would be playing with the same budgets.
"That is sport, that is fair play and, with all the conditions the same, then we could really play."
Bayern are leading the lobby for a stricter control over club finances with their chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge using his respect and authority within European football's governing body UEFA to push for change.
And Van Gaal praised the work of his club's chairman on this issue.
"I think I heard from Rummenigge last week that we are going to have to field five or six players who were brought through the club from next year, so it is coming," he said. "It won't be long now."
In the meantime, Van Gaal believes his club is still healthy enough to compete with United, and he declined the notion that money will be the biggest difference between the two sides tomorrow night.
"We also have very expensive players in our team and the budget of Bayern is also very high," he said.
"We are one of the top five clubs in Europe (financially).
"I think we can surprise any team. Bayern is not yet a top team at level one, but we can reach it during a game and we have shown that.
"Nobody in Europe expected us to beat Juventus, and then we also beat Fiorentina."
Money, therefore, is not what Van Gaal envies the most when he looks at the Red Devils.
What the experienced coach is most impressed about is the organisation of Sir Alex Ferguson's team - particularly what he saw in the first leg of their match with AC Milan in the last round.
"Just being capable of doing something is not enough. You have also got to do it and AC Milan did not do it," he said.
"You could say that they were lucky, but I think that you also have to force your luck and Manchester United did that.
"I know one thing for certain and that is that the organisation at United is always good and I am jealous of this organisation.
"If we had this organisation at Bayern Munich, we would be a step ahead."
Van Gaal has some organisation to do with his team tomorrow night since Bastian Schweinsteiger is suspended and both Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery remain injury doubts.
Robben will face a late fitness test tomorrow afternoon, but Van Gaal said he would not take any risks on the winger, who has a calf strain.
"Robben is not actually injured, but you know what problem he has and we will do what we can to make him fit but I don't want to take even the smallest of risks," said Van Gaal.
"His muscle is just tired and I need to be certain that a player is 100%.
"It is a huge game and we cannot have him at 80%. I know certainly that we need a player like Robben against an opponent like Manchester United, but if he is not 100% then he doesn't play."
Danijel Pranjic of the more defensive-minded Anatoliy Tymoschuk should replace Schweinsteiger.
Striker Mario Gomez will be in the squad, but Van Gaal has ruled him out of starting tomorrow night.

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