November 28, 2009

kau hot??


i kinda wanna ask u all;
1) a.what is the definition of the words above?
b.does it differ?
2) a.when it is been uttered to a person, what does it mean?
b.when it is uttered to a person, does cool n hot differ?
3)to what extend is somewhat, somehow, someone is considered cool or hot???

i hope i got all of your reply>this should be interesting for me...


Mr.Clive said...

cool means you have lots of stuff that makes our lives fun!
and your hot if you have sexy body and ekhem2.hoho

mr kay said...

haha..make senses

Arief Arf said...

cool is sejuk.
hot is panas.

ok ok,
cool is like bergaya, stylo.
hot is like hensem,macho,cantik giler.

that's as far as i know lah.


mr kay said...

i like milo
x suke panas2..