July 16, 2009


this is a tag made by yours truly..
it is an original, but if you happen to notice any similarities to another tag somewhere in the world wide web, feel free to tell me.. (^^,)
1. who is the awesome person who tagged you? (don't forget to link)
- si tuan punye tagged ni la..haha
2. tell us something about you..
- im Khir.or Asisian called me amad POnG..thanks to en Ghani for this name..
currently study degree in animal science in udm...
3. what is your reason to blog?
- check my 'ayat2" kat atas.. sharing is caring... and i got lots of friends sharing hobbies and interested..
4. list and link 5 favourite post from your blog..
check top 5 link kat tepi nie.. =============>
5. tag 5 awesome people and inform them that they have been tagged by you..
well..sape2 je la..haha

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