August 9, 2012

appreciate Malaysia more

this is good CM. petronas memang tetap tak mengecewakankan setiap tahun.

btw, Jeyhun tu comel sangat. haha.

Erman, a PETRONAS engineer stationed in Central Asia, struggles to adjust to life away from home, when his path crosses that of a local boy, Jeyhun.
While Erman and Jeyhun start out as strangers, every step brings them closer to realising their true potential, to reimagining their energy and making a difference to those around them. Its a story of one man's journey of self-discovery and exploration towards the meaning of life

While past PETRONAS TVCs have always celebrated stories from within Malaysia, this year, it tells a bigger story -- of the role that PETRONAS plays in its countries of operations.

well, Petronas sebenarnya layak kot kalau produce filem. haha. ada kualiti. tapi filem sarat mesej camni, ramai ke nak gi tengok kat wayang? hm, kena pk balik tu.

k la, nak sambung buat kuih raya. yes, aku buat kuih raya, so what? hahaha

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