July 19, 2014

new offer in line

last post in on march. wow!

okey asssalamualaikum, and selamat sejahtera pada yang membaca (kalau ada).

24 this years, and right now need to start act like 24. alhamdulillah, nearly 1 year in Dindings, but sadly jodoh tak lama. alhamdulillah, the boss also value my works here, and it's not easy to talk with my boss to release me.

Dindings (DPDC) helps me a lot in this one year. within this one year, I have learnt a lot what it takes in poultry industry, especially in broiler production. I love DPDC, but this new offer is rare and tempting.

takziah pada mangsa MH17. unlucky for MAS. two planes down in same year is really bad for big company like MAS.